Supporting the San Francisco Healthy Cities: CHIPPS Senior Injury Prevention Collaborative, August 5, 1997

WHEREAS, the City and County of San Francisco was officially designated as a California Healthy City on December 1,1993; and,

WHEREAS, previous Healthy Cities projects, including the Tenderloin Immunization Project, the Mission Immunization Project and the Tenderloin Pedestrian Safety Project, have been completed; and,

WHEREAS, ongoing public, private and non-profit collaborative planning efforts have been dedicated to improving community outreach and education regarding the importance of preventing injury to seniors; and,

WHEREAS, the Department of Public Health is developing an application to renew its Healthy City designation by expanding the Community Home Injury Prevention Programs for Seniors (CHIPPS) project's multisectoral community organizing efforts as a model for injury prevention; and,

WHEREAS, the San Francisco Commission on the Aging, under the new San Francisco Senior Services Plan, has funded the first four of ten planned Senior Centrals, to provide for public and private collaboration to plan and coordinate culturally and linguistically appropriate senior services at the neighborhood level throughout San Francisco; and,

 WHEREAS, the Department of Public Health, the Commission on the Aging, and the four Senior Centrals are committed to integrating injury prevention education and service delivery into the collaborative community organizing effort; and,

WHEREAS, the intent of the Healthy City focus for San Francisco is to develop and implement culturally and linguistically appropriate health promotion strategies and explore creative avenues for community involvement and leadership to enhance the community's capacity to address injury prevention needs; and,

WHEREAS, the mission of the California Healthy Cities Project is to improve the health status of California residents by increasing the use of the Healthy Cities model for the promotion of health by local leaders, professionals, and residents within communities throughout the State; and,

WHEREAS, the Health Commission has expressed consistent support for the Healthy Cities concept, and supports Department efforts to continuously improve the public's health; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Health Commission supports the application by the Department of Public Health to the California Healthy Cities Project for renewal of San Francisco's designation as a California Healthy City, through its development of the Healthy Cities: CHIPPS SENIOR INJURY PREVENTION COLLABORATIVE; and, be it

FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Health Commission urges the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors to support the renewal of San Francisco's designation as a California Healthy City.

I hereby certify that the foregoing resolution was adopted by the Health Commission at its meeting of Tuesday, August 5, 1997.

Sandy Ouye Mori Executive Secretary to the Health Commission