Endorsing the Designation of May 6-12, 1998 as Nurses' Week In The City and County of San Francisco, April 7, 1998

WHEREAS, National Nurses' Week celebrates the nursing profession across the United States; and,

WHEREAS, nursing professionals protect, promote and preserve the health and well-being of the citizens of San Francisco; and,

WHEREAS, nurses provide essential health care services across the entire health care continuum; and,

WHEREAS, in partnership with other care providers, family members, and with the community, nurses strive to ensure the highest quality of care; and,

WHEREAS, the Department of Public Health supports the commitment of nursing to engage clients as partners in care; and,

WHEREAS, the Health Commission supports the work of the nursing profession to accommodate the diverse needs of the citizens of San Francisco; and,

WHEREAS, it is both fitting and appropriate to recognize members of the nursing profession and to convey our appreciation for their commitment and caring; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED that the Health Commission does hereby urge the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors to designate May 6-12, 1998 as Nurses Week in San Francisco; and, be it

FURTHER RESOLVED that the Health Commission supports community and departmental partnerships to provide care to all who need it.

I hereby certify that the foregoing resolution was adopted by the Health Commission at its meeting of Tuesday, April 7, 1998.

Sandy Ouye Mori, Executive Secretary to the Health Commission