Determining Whether the Closure of the Obstetrics Inpatient Service at St. Mary's Medical Center Will Or Will Not Have a Detrimental Impact On Health Care Service of the Community, June 16, 1998

WHEREAS, since August 1996 at St. Mary's Medical Center there has been an average of approximately 120 deliveries a year, and the national market standard for a quality OB inpatient program is approximately 2000 births per year; and,

WHEREAS, maintenance of such a small service makes recruitment and retention of staff very difficult and has resulted in an operating loss of over $2 million over an 18-month period; and an additional capital investment of $2-3 million would have been required by the end of 1998 under OSPHD guidelines; and,

WHEREAS, St. Mary's Medical Center closed its OB Inpatient Unit on May 1, 1998 after a deliberative and thoughtful process with the medical leadership, obstetrical physicians, and employees, and making the recommendation to the regional board; and,

WHEREAS, St. Mary's will retain its prenatal and postpartum services on an outpatient basis; and parenting classes will continue through the WomenKind Program; and,

WHEREAS, all the OB nurses were guaranteed employment at St. Mary's Medical Center or another CHW Bay Area hospital, and all SEIU and Local 250 support staff were retained in their current positions at St. Mary's; and,

WHEREAS, St. Mary's Medical Center reconfirms its commitment to underwrite the cost of care for OB patients enrolled in the St. Mary Philippa Health Center who are uninsured for prenatal care and delivery using St. Mary's Foundation funds; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the closure of the OB inpatient Unit at St. Mary's Medical Center will not have a detrimental impact on the health care service of the community; and, be it

FURTHER RESOLVED, that the failure of St. Mary's to give the required notice to the Health Commission in compliance with Proposition Q was an isolated circumstance; and the Health Commission can count on the hospital's compliance in the future.

I hereby certify that the foregoing resolution was adopted by the Health Commission at its meeting of Tuesday, June 16, 1998.

Sandy Ouye Mori, Executive Secretary to the Health Commission