No. 2-00

Increasing Fees To Cover the Cost of the Food Safety Program

WHEREAS, all food sales or distribution facilities operating in San Francisco are required to obtain a Permit to Operate issued by the Department of Public Health; and,

WHEREAS, the San Francisco Director of Public Health is authorized to enforce the California Health and Safety Code, and California Uniform Retail Food Facility Law (CURFFL), which mandate the permitting and inspection of all retail food facilities; and,

WHEREAS, special events, such as street fairs, where vendors prepare and serve food to the public, require permits and inspections of food booths in order to determine compliance with safe food handling laws; and,

WHEREAS, these inspectional activities promote the serving of safe food to the residents and visitors to San Francisco; and,

WHEREAS, the California Health and Safety Code, and the San Francisco Municipal Code, directs that fees be collected from special event organizers and food vendors, sufficient to cover the cost of providing oversight of these temporary food operations; and,

WHEREAS, the proposed fee increase seeks to cover the cost of the food safety program to be maintained at its current level of service; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Health Commission hereby approves the proposed ordinance amendments to the San Francisco Municipal Code (Part II, Health Code, Part III, Revenue and Finance Code and the Administrative Code.)

I hereby certify that the foregoing resolution was adopted by the San Francisco Health Commission on March 7, 2000.

Sandy Ouye Mori, Executive Secretary to the Health Commission