No. 8-02

Concurring With the Analysis of Department Staff and Pending Controllerís Certification That the Laundry Services Can Be Performed For the Department of Public Health, Laguna Honda Hospital, By Private Contractor For a Lower Cost Than Similar Work Performed By City and County Employees

WHEREAS, the fiscal impact of September 11, 2001 and a slowing economy have resulted in unexpected, significant revenue shortfalls for San Francisco, and has created a budgetary emergency for the Department of Public Health; and,

WHEREAS, the electorate of the City and County of San Francisco passed Proposition J (Charter Section 10.104(15) in November 1976, allowing City Departments to contract with private companies for specific services which can be performed for a lower cost than similar work by City and County employees; and,

WHEREAS, the analysis of staff of the Department of Public Health, Laguna Honda Hospital, suggests that a Purchaserís award of a contract for the Laundry Services by a private contractor will achieve substantial savings for the Department; and,

WHEREAS, pending the certification by the Controller that said services can be performed at lower cost by a private contractor than by City employees, and subject to the Board of Supervisorsí approval as required by Charter Section 10.104(15) and subject to any other contractual agreements; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Health Commission concurs with and submits the analysis of staff of the Department of Public Health to the Controller and the Board of Supervisors in accordance with Charter Section 10.104.(15).

I hereby certify that the Health Commission at its meeting of July 2, 2002 adopted the foregoing resolution.

Michele M. Olson, Secretary to the Health Commission