No. 14-02

Approving a 3% General Fund Reduction To the Department Of Public Health’s Budget For Fiscal Year 2002-03

WHEREAS, the City and County of San Francisco is projecting a $170 million dollar shortfall for the next 18 months; and,

WHEREAS, the Mayor ‘s Budget Office has instructed Departments to submit plans to reduce General Fund support by 3% for fiscal year 2002-03; and,

WHEREAS, a 3% General Fund reduction for the Department is $8.7 million, as delineated in the attachment titled Exhibit A; and,

WHEREAS, the Department’s revised budget maintains all existing services; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Health Commission approves the Department of Public Health’s revised budget for fiscal year 2002-03, and, be it

FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Health Commission authorizes the Department to submit the revised fiscal year 2002-03 budget to the Mayor for inclusion in the Citywide General Fund Reduction Plan for review and approval by the Board of Supervisors.

I hereby certify that the foregoing resolution was adopted by the San Francisco Health Commission at its meeting of December 3, 2002.

Michele Olson, Executive Secretary to the Health Commission

Attachment: Exhibit A