Resolution: No. 17-04

Approving the Reconfiguration of Emergency Medical Services in the San Francisco Fire Department

WHEREAS, the Health Commission is committed to maintaining a high quality emergency medical services system for the people of San Francisco; and

WHEREAS, in 1997 a merger of the DPH Paramedic Division and the SFFD was undertaken to improve the quality of patient care while at the same time remaining cost-effective; and

WHEREAS, the merger was successful in shortening ALS response times, in increasing the number of ambulances, paramedics, and paramedic supervisors on the streets of San Francisco, and placing paramedic service providers on a single communication system; and

WHEREAS, the merger has faced challenges including paramedic fatigue and burn-out, multiple vehicles arriving at the same location, and an inability to staff all engines in the City with a paramedic; and

WHEREAS, the Fire Department and the Health Department have developed a new EMS configuration plan based on the successes and limitations of the existing model and the recommendation of a stake holders process; and

WHEREAS, the Health Commission has held two hearings on the new configuration, the basic elements of which are:

RESOLVED, that the Health Commission of the City and County of San Francisco approves the Reconfiguration Proposal for Emergency Medical Services in the Fire Department; and be it

RESOLVED, that The Fire Department submit a quarterly report to the Health Commission on the progress of the new configuration.

I hereby certify that the San Francisco Health Commission at its meeting of October 26, 2004 adopted the foregoing resolution.

Michele M. Olson, Executive Secretary to the Health Commission