Resolution: 23-04

Authorizing the Director of Health To Enter Into an Interagency Cooperation Agreement In Furtherance of the Implementation of the Hunter's Point Shipyard Redevelopment Plan

WHEREAS, on July 14, 1997, by Ordinance No. 285-97, the Board of Supervisors approved a Redevelopment Plan for the Hunters Point Shipyard (HPS) (Redevelopment Plan); and

WHEREAS, in order to facilitate the implementation of the Redevelopment Plan, the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) and Lennar/BVHP LLC, a California limited liability company doing business as Lennar/BVHP Partners (the Developer) have entered into a Disposition and Development Agreement for Hunters Point Phase 1 (Phase 1 DDA), dated as of December 2, 2003, regarding the development of the area subject to the Phase 1 DDA by the Developer and its Transferees as defined and permitted under the Phase 1 DDA; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to Sections 33220, 33343, 33344 and 33370 of the Community Redevelopment Law of California, and in order to promote development in accordance with objectives and purposes of the Redevelopment Plan and documents relating to the Redevelopment Plan, the City intends to undertake and complete proceedings and actions necessary to be carried out by the City under the provisions of the Redevelopment Plan and provide for the expenditure of monies by the community in carrying out the Redevelopment Plan, and, specifically, the City wishes to enter into an Interagency Cooperation Agreement with the SFRA for the Phase I development of the HPS area to provide for cooperation between the City and the SFRA in administering the process for control and approval of subdivisions, and all other applicable land use, development, construction, improvement, infrastructure, occupancy and use requirements and in establishing the City regulations, policies and procedures relating to such approvals, all as more particularly set forth in the Interagency Cooperation Agreement, a copy of which is attached and hereby incorporated; and

WHEREAS, the Interagency Cooperation Agreement provides the framework and will facilitate cooperation among agencies of the City, including the Departments of Public Health, Building Inspection, Public Works and Public Utilities, and the SFRA with respect to the review and approval of permits, entitlements, agreements, subdivision maps and such other actions as may be required, such as implementation of the HPS environmental ordinance, including Article 31, to permit development in the Phase 1 Area; and

WHEREAS, Execution of the Interagency Cooperation Agreement is necessary to effectively implement the Redevelopment Plan; and

WHEREAS, in accordance with the actions contemplated herein, this Commission adopted Resolution No. 21-04, concerning findings pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (California Public Resources Code sections 21000 et seq.). Said Resolution is on file with the Secretary of the Health Commission and is incorporated herein by reference; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Health Commission authorizes the Director of Health to enter into the Interagency Cooperative Agreement.

I hereby certify that the foregoing resolution was adopted by the San Francisco Health Commission at its meeting of November 16, 2004.

Michele M. Olson, Executive Secretary to the Health Commission

Attachment A: Interagency Cooperation Agreement