Resolution: 03-05

Endorsement of the Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Operations Section Policy on Medical Plans for Mass Gatherings

WHEREAS, in January 2000, the EMS and Emergency Operations Section of the Department of Public Health presented its evaluation of the San Francisco EMS Response to the Millennium; and

WHEREAS, the evaluation recommended the institution of a medical plan requirement for the mass gathering permitting process; and

WHEREAS, the Emergency Medical Services System of San Francisco is impacted by the emergency medical conditions generated by attendees at certain types of mass gatherings; and

WHEREAS, San Francisco and many other cities and counties in California have successfully implemented medical plans for mass gathering events, resulting in maintaining the normal high levels of EMS care available to residents and visitors during these events, and

WHEREAS, the Department of Public Health has worked with these cities and counties and the City Departments and agencies responsible for issuing mass gathering permits including the Entertainment Commission, the Department of Parking and Traffic, the Police Department and the Department of Parks and Recreation; and

WHEREAS, the City and County of San Francisco wishes to maintain its level of EMS services and will undertake the modification of the current traffic and administrative codes in order to institute the requirement for a submission of a standardized medical plan for mass gatherings of a nature that may impact EMS services; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED that the Health Commission of the City and County of San Francisco endorses the Medical Services at Mass Gatherings and Special Events Policy of the EMS and Emergency Operations Section, to take effect following the necessary changes to the traffic and Administrative codes of San Francisco.

I hereby certify that the Health Commission at its meeting of February 15th, 2005 adopted the foregoing resolution.

Michele M. Olson, Health Commission Secretary