Resolution: 07-06

Resolution Approving the Submission of the Department of Public Health’s Contingency Budget for Fiscal Year 2006/07

WHEREAS, the City and County of San Francisco is facing a $65 million shortfall for fiscal year 2006-207 and the Mayor’s Budget Office has instructed Departments to submit a list of contingency reductions equal to 3% of their General Fund; and,

WHEREAS, the consequence of these instructions is that the Department must submit a plan to absorb up to $7.8 million in General Fund; and,

WHEREAS, the Department has developed a plan to reduce the General Fund by an additional $7 million, which includes $191,000 in excess reductions made to the base budget; and,

WHEREAS, the plan has been tentatively approved by the Mayor’s Budget Office; and,

WHEREAS, despite the size of the fiscal shortfall, the plan does not requires service reductions and preserves all prevention and promotion activities and all children’s programs; now, therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Health Commission approves submission of the Department of Health’s contingency budget for fiscal year 2006-2007 to the Mayor’s Office, with the details of the substance abuse reductions to be further reviewed by the Department and the Health Commission to minimize the loss of residential substance abuse beds.

I hereby certify that the Health Commission at its meeting of April 18, 2006, adopted the foregoing resolution.

Michele M. Seaton
Secretary to the Health Commission