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Frequently Asked Questions:  

1. How will you help me manage with my labor pain?

We support all women's wishes regarding the pain you experience in labor.

  • We offer holistic treatments such as massage, bathing, walking and position change.
  • We also have an anesthesiologist on staff at all times should you desire pharmacologic interventions.

2. Can my family stay with me during labor?

Please refer to this Web page

3. How long will I stay in the hospital when I have my baby?

  • You will stay with us approximately 2 days if you have a vaginal delivery.
  • You will stay with us approximately 4 days if you have a caesarean section (C-section).

4. Does my baby have to leave my room?

NO. We offer 24 hour rooming in if your baby is healthy and doesn't need additional medical care.

5. Will my Primary Care provider delivery my baby?

Not necessarily.

  • The medical staff on duty when you go into labor will deliver your baby. This includes midwives, physicians, and family practice doctors.
6. Can I transfer my prenatal care from another hospital to San Francisco General Hospital?


  • Our eligibility workers will assist you in the transfer of your care. Please call 206-3409 for more information

Do NOT email the Community Health Network if you wish to inquire about ANY medical situation or problem. Instead, please call San Francisco General Hospital at 415-206-8000 

Any email question may not be read right away. For issues or questions other than medically related, you may email the Community Health Network