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San Francisco Department of Public Health Policy & Procedures Library

By Category

The Library has twelve pre-determined categories for policies and procedures, and they include:


    1. City-Owned Resources: Involving city-owned property, incl. vehicles, communication devices, computers, etc.
    2. Client/Patient Services: Applying to the delivery of services to DPH clients and/or patients.
    3. Compliance: Relating to the processes that exist to meet legal regulations and contractual obligations.
    4. Contracts: Describing contracts management rules and instructions.
    5. External Affairs: Explaining how employees should approach interactions with outside parties, including the Board of Supervisors, City Attorneys, media, other governmental agencies, etc.
    6. Fiscal: Including policies from the DPH Accounting Office, purchasing guidelines, travel reimbursement for staff, etc.
    7. Health Commission: Pertaining to the SF Health Commission.
    8. Human Resources: Explaining employee rights and responsibilities from the City and County of San Francisco or DPH Human Resources departments.
    9. Information Systems: Detailing the manner in which DPH’s IS Section maintains computer programs, data, including how electronic information is secured and protected.
    10. Workplace Safety: Relating to workplace safety.
    11. Privacy: Outlining the Health Insurance and Portability Act (HIPAA), as well as guidance on other privacy-related issues.
    12. General Administration: Information and instructions that do not reasonably fit into any other category.


Category #1: City-Owned Resources

Staff Internet Usage Policy

Speech Recognition Software

Category #2: Client/Patient Services

CBHS Policies & Procedures; click here to find the policies and procedures that affect CBHS programs (Civil Service and/or Contract)

Youth Development Standards of Practice

Category #3: Compliance

Compliance Policy: Operation of a Compliance Program

Compliance Program: Mission, Elements, and Responsibilities

Compliance Program Code of Conduct: Initial and Annual Acknowledgement Requirements

Consent for Minors

Determining the Eligibility of Patients/Clients for Healthcare Benefits

Identity Data: Ethnicity Guidelines

Identity Data: Sex & Gender Guidelines

Identity Data: Sexual Orientation Guidelines

Records Management Policy

Zero Waste Policy

Category #4: Contracts

Category #5: External Affairs

Creation and Use of Logos, Websites, and Social Media

Distinction between DPH Jobs and Personal Causes

Government Relations

Media Policy

Using the Office of the City Attorney

Category #6: Fiscal

Invoice Procedures Manual

Parking Permits/Pre-Paid Parking Cards

     Parking Permits/Pre-Paid Parking Cards: SFMTA Internal City and County Agency Order Form (Attachment A)

     Parking Permits/Pre-Paid Parking Cards: Requisition Form (Attachment B)

Procurement and Accounts Payable Process Manual

Advance Payment to Contractors

Staff Training & Travel Guidelines

     Staff Training & Travel Guidelines - Checklist (Attachment)

Category #7: Health Commission

Agenda Setting

Presentation Guidelines


Category #8: Human Resources

Citywide Harassment-Free Workplace Policy

Incident Command System Basic Training Requirements

Lactation Accomodation Policy

Language Diversity Policy

Non-Clinical DPH Internships

Statement of Incompatible Activities

Prohibition of Violence in the Workplace

Additional HR Policies and Related Information

Basic Emergency Preparedness Training Requirements: Incident Command System

Staff Notification and Call-Down Policy and Procedure

      Sample Call-Down Procedure Template for Call-Down Administrator (Attachment)

Category #9: Information Systems

Remote Access to Microsoft Office 365 (O365) Email

Category #10: Workplace Safety

Prohibition of E-Cigarette use at Department of Public Health Facilities

Temporary Transitional Work Assignment Program

Respiratory Protection Program

Sharps Containers in Ivy Street Alley

Category #11: Privacy

Authorization for Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information

Data Security Policies (Computer Information & Privacy)

DPH Privacy Policy

Category #12: General Administration

DPH Policy on Development and Maintenance of Departmental Policies

DPH P&P Template: Attachment to DPH Policy on Development & Maintenance of Departmental Policies

Grants Policy

Healthy and Sustainable Food Policy for Food Served at SFDPH Events, Programs, & Institutions

Healthy Vending Machines