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Where to go for a Pregnancy Test and Prenatal Care - English, Spanish, Chinese

Family Planning Information

Postpartum Depression Referral Resources (June 2012)

Maternal Health: Accessing Free or Low-Cost Care

Food Guide Pyramid, the Dietary Guidelines, information, and more from the U.S. Department of Agriculture!

Health Care Access: A Guide to Health Care Programs in San Francisco (updated May, 2011)

HELP - list of contacts for pregnant women

Pre/Perinatal Oral Health Referral Form

Community Health Programs for Youth (youth-focused clinics)

Special Programs for Youth

Substance Abuse Resources in San Francisco - Primarily for Pregnant Women & Parents with Children, June 2012

Public Health Nurses (July, 2011)


Think You May Be Pregnant?




California Lactation Accomodation Law

Deferral of Jury Duty:

Rule of Court 859, (not a status): A mother who is breastfeeding a child may request that jury service be deferred for up to one year, and may renew that request as long as she is breastfeeding. If the request is made in writing, under penalty of perjury, the jury commissioner must grant it without requiring the prospective juror to appear at court.

Federal Laws Regarding Break Time for Nursing Mothers

Jury Duty and Breastfeeding

Reasonable Break Time for Nursing Mothers

Right to Breastfeeding in Public

Additional Resources & Information


How to Calm Your Crying Baby:





Perinatal Statistics

(updated Dec., 2005)

San Francisco Perinatal Statistics

U.S. Perinatal Statistics

Notes for SF and US Perinatal Statistics


Congratulations Mom

- Information for mothers of new babies




Brochure: Maternal & Child Health


CHDP Dental Referral Directory





Health Report Cards

Child Health, 2000

Maternal & Infant Health, 2000

Women of Childbearing Age Health, 2000

Youth and Adolescent Health, 2000


Childhood Immunization

Children & Adolescent Dental Services

Childhood Immunization Services

Immunization Coalition