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State and Federal Governmental Affairs

The San Francisco Department of Public Health's Office of Policy and Planning monitors federal and state budget and appropriations issues, legislation, and other public policy issues that may impact the Department of Public Health and/or the health of our residents. The office tracks legislative developments and provides analyses of different policy proposals and the potential positive or negative impact on health. The office provides Department leadership and Health Commission with key information regarding policy activities by working with the expertise of our staff and professional organizations. We work with our Mayor’s Office in the formulation of City positions on federal and state policy and work in conjunction with City leadership to develop different strategies to recommend or implement a course of action.


State and Federal Legislative Priorities


Public Charge and Immigration

The San Francisco Department of Public Health will continue to provide health care services through our clinics and hospitals in the San Francisco Health Network, regardless of immigration status or lack of insurance. Very few people are affected by public charge rules. Know your rights. Get the facts. The following resources are available for more information:

  • For questions about public charge and your benefits, please call Bay Area Legal Aid's Legal Advice Line: (800) 551-5554.
  • Find free community-based immigration legal help:
  • San Francisco Human Services Agency has developed an FAQ about public charge and use of public benefits, which is available at:


Additional Immigration-related Resources