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San Francisco's Community Health Improvement Plan

The San Francisco Community Health Improvement Plan is a collaborative process of identifying health opportunities and strengths as a community and improving the health of our county.


The Strategic Plan is the next step on our journey to public health accreditation. We have completed the Community Health Assessment and the Community Health Improvement Plan. The Assessment involved extensive community engagement with stakeholders throughout San Francisco representing diverse sectors. The Community Health Improvement Plan is our citywide plan to protect and improve the health of all San Francisco residents, and is overseen by the San Francisco Health Improvement Partnership (SFHIP) – a citywide multidisciplinary health coalition.

This Strategic Plan outlines what contributions the health department, particularly the Population Health Division, will:

  1. contribute to the CHIP
  2. deliver the ten essential public health services, and
  3. become a community-centered, high reliability, high performance learning health organization.

The Strategic Plan has two core sections:

The Strategic Map which illustrates the internal strategic directions, strategies and performance measures selected to improve the infrastructure of the Division in order to build the health department of the future. It includes our mission and vision statements.

The priority focus areas for this strategic plan:

Safe and Healthy Living Environments
Healthy Eating and Physical Activity
Access to Quality Care and Services
Black/African American Health
Mother, Child, & Adolescent Health
Health for people at risk or living with HIV

Future Links

The Population Health Division consist of six branches, two offices and three centers that developed Action Plans to meet the goals of the strategic plan. Below are links to each of the Action Plans:

Applied Research, Community Health Epidemiology, and Surveillance
Community Health Equity and Promotion Branch
Disease Prevention and Control Branch
Emergency Medical Services Branch
Environmental Health Branch
Public Health Preparedness and Response Branch
Office of Equity and Quality Improvement
Office of Operations, Finance, and Grants Management
Center for Innovation and Learning
Center for Public Health Research
Bridge HIV