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Work Group to Re-envision the Jail Replacement Project

On January 12, 2016, the Board of Supervisors passed a resolution urging the Director of the Department of Public Health and the Sheriff to convene a work group to plan for the permanent closure of County Jail Nos. 3 and 4, and any corresponding investments in new mental health facilities and current jail retrofits needed to uphold public safety and better serve at-risk individuals.  The Work Group to Re-envision the Jail Replacement Project was formed in response to this resolution.

Bringing together a variety of criminal justice and mental health experts from the City and community, the work group will develop a plan for the permanent closure of County Jails 3 and 4 by:

  1. Identifying strategies for reducing the jail population including alternatives to incarceration and other programs or policies;
  2. Identifying effective and humane investments in behavioral health programs for those that may otherwise find themselves incarcerated;
  3. Reviewing the current state of the City’s facilities and identifying what new facility or facilities are needed; and
  4. Seeking to maintain San Francisco’s eligibility to use state financing to fund the construction or renovation of these facilities.

For additional information or to be added to the Work Group email distribution list, please email

The work group will meet for three hours once a month until August 2016 and will issue final recommendations to the Board of Supervisors by November 2016.


Meeting 1 (3/11/2016)
Meeting 2 (4/8/2016)
Meeting 3 (5/13/2016)
Meeting 4 (6/10/2016)
Meeting 5 (7/8/2016)
Meeting 6 (8/12/2016)
Meeting 7 (9/9/2016)
Meeting 7 (10/14/2016)
Meeting 8 (10/28/2016)
Meeting 9 (10/19/2018)


Board of Supervisors Government Audit & Oversight Committee December 1, 2016 presentation