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Documents and Reports

Listed below are the latest public health reports and policy briefs:


Health Care Access

Health Care Access: A Guide To Health Care Programs In San Francisco  (Updated May, 2011)

  • Summary of key health care resources in San Francisco, including eligibility criteria. This guide should be especially useful for staff who work with low-income clients needing health care services
Health Impact Assessment Reports
  • An Assessment of Cyclist Safety Conditions in San Francisco: Trends, Spatial Patterns, and Recommendations (Coming Soon)
    Analyzes cyclist injury trends and patterns in the City, and provides recommendations for improving cyclist safety.

  • A Health Impact Assessment Framework and Recommendations for Vision Zero for Road Safety in San Francisco (Coming Soon)
    Examines Vision Zero’s road safety strategies being implemented in San Francisco and outlines individual, community, organizational, and societal level strategies to increase Vision Zero’s health impact.

  • A Health Impact Assessment of San Francisco’s Shelter-in-Place Policy
    Analyzes the City and County of San Francisco’s capacity to support its Shelter-in-Place policy, and highlights areas that warrant further attention to better protect its citizens.

  • Jewish Home of San Francisco
    Analyzes pedestrian safety conditions around the Jewish Home of San Francisco, a proposed project for senior residents and new retail along the Mission Street corridor in the Other Mission/Excelsior neighborhoods.

  • Enhancing Health Benefits of Residential Energy Efficiency Programs
    Assesses the opportunities to leverage residential energy efficiency investments for health by incorporating design elements to protect or improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and reduce noise from the outdoors.

  • Overheating Buildings in Coastal Communities: Homes, Health Impacts, and Opportunities for Collaboration in San Francisco
    Examines health issues related to overheated buildings in San Francisco.

  • Potrero Hill Health Center (PHHC) Transportation Access: Implications for Health (Coming Soon)
    This assessment sought to better understand the transportation and geographic barriers PHHC patients face, how these barriers affect their access to health care services, and what their potential health impacts are.

  • Retail Tobacco Permit Density Cap: Retrospective Health Impact Assessment
    Examines the health impacts of tobacco retailer density and the effects of San Francisco’s 2015 ordinance restricting retailer density and proximity to schools.

  • Single Room Occupancy Hotels in San Francisco: A Health Impact Assessment
    Investigates the social and environmental issues that impact the health of single room occupancy hotel (SRO) residents in San Francisco and examines potential policies to address these issues. For additional report documents, visit the SRO Report webpage.

  • Sustainable Communities Health Assessment: The Central Corridor Plan
    Assesses the health-relevant social and environmental conditions for San Francisco’s Central Corridor, an area surrounding the southern portion of the Central Subway, using the Sustainable Communities Index (SCI).

  • Cannabis Legalization in San Francisco: A Health Impact Assessment
    This report assesses the most up-to-date health information and draws together evidence from multiple sources to better understand the potential health impacts from adult use cannabis legalization in San Francisco.

Health Impact Assessment Reports with National Recognition
Health Impact Assessment Tools and Methodologies
Health Reform
Prevention Strategic Plan, 2004 - 2008: Five-Year Plan
Strategic Planning