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Contract Management & Compliance

Office of Contract Management and Compliance

Psychosocial Support Services for PLWH and for Long-Term Survivors of HIV



The San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) HIV Health Services Division intends to solicit “Psychosocial Support Services for PLWH and for Long-Term Survivors of HIV.  Potential Suppliers/Vendors are requested to submit proposal applications to support the services outlined in RFP 29-2021. Further information on services and how to apply for services are detailed in RFP 29-2021 Section II - Program Services Specifications.



Funding Amounts:

Service Category /Program Estimated Annual Amount* Funding Sources

HIV Health Services Rental Subsidies Services:

Psychosocial Support for Long-Term Survivors and older PLWH, and

General Psychosocial Support and Navigation for all PLWH


Federal Grant
General Fund

*Dependent on the successful performance of contract obligations, and compliance with mandates. Annual funding may increase or decrease depending on the availability of funds.




Proposals will be reviewed, evaluated, and scored by a Technical Review Panel using the criteria specified in the RFP. At any time during the Evaluation Process, the CITY may require a Proposer to provide oral or written clarification of the proposal submitted. No Proposer shall have any legal or equitable right or obligation to enter into a contract or to perform the work as a result of such Proposer being notified of an invitation to present further information.


See link below to download the full RFP


Amendment #1

Minimum Qualifications Form


RFP 29-2021






Schedule of Activities




Publication of RFP


October 20, 2021

(use template provided)

BY 12:00 NOON

November 3, 2021

Email Questions**


11/03/2021 - 11/05/2021


BY 12:00 NOON

December 8, 2021

Technical Review

Estimated Date

December 2021

Start Date of Services

Estimated Date

March 1, 2022

** Proposals will be accepted only from proposers who have submitted a Letter of Intent (LOI).


Important Note: Please check for the LOI template and other required forms provided with the solicitation.
For questions regarding the application process, please contact Irene Carmona, SFDPH Contracts Unit, at
Irene Carmona, at (415) 554-2652

The application and required forms will be available on the publication date.
To view and download the RFP, please point your browser to:


Enter this URL into your browser’s address bar:
Click on: About DPH → Inside the Department → Contracts (RFP/Q Center) → RFP 29-2021