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San Francisco Health Commission

As of March 1, 2021, this site is contains an archive of Health Commission information for meetings prior to March 2021. Please see the following site for updated information:

As the governing and policy-making body of the Department of Public Health, the San Francisco Health Commission is mandated by City & County Charter to manage and control the City and County hospitals, to monitor and regulate emergency medical services, and all matters pertaining to the preservation, promotion and protection of the lives, health and mental health of San Francisco residents.

Health Commission Rules and Regulations (In accordance with City Charter Section 4.104 - updated June 5, 2018)

Health Commission Attendance Policy, and Resolution 15-2006, approved November 21, 2006

Amended Health Commission Procedures for the Community Health Care Planning Ordinance (Proposition Q), effective November 18, 2008

Department of Public Health and Health Commisison Statement of Incompatible Activities

"A Brief History of the Health Commission"

The Mayor of San Francisco appoints Health Commissioners to four-year terms.

The Health Commission membership list, as of July 7, 2020:

Dan Bernal, President
Laurie Green, M.D., Vice President
Edward A. Chow M.D.
Susan Belinda Christian, J.D.
Cecilia Chung
Suzanne Giraudo, Ed.D.
Tessie Guillermo
Biographies of Health Commission Members


The Health Commission mailing address is:

101 Grove Street, Room 309

San Francisco, CA 94102

phone: 415-554-2666

fax: 415-554-2665


Committee Assignments for Health Commissioners (current as of 1/20)

Health Commission Meeting Dates 2020 (Note that due to COVID19, the Health Commission meeting schedule has been changed. Information about the next scheduled Health Commission meeting may be found at this link:


Notice of Health Commission and DPH Director of Health Completion of CCSF Implicit Bias Training

Full Health Commission meetings are held the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 101 Grove Street, room 300, at 4pm.

Meeting dates are subject to change. Call the Health Commision Office at (415) 554-2666 for general information or to confirm individual meetings.

Joint Conference Committee Meetings: Agendas & Minutes

Note: Meetings are sometimes cancelled or rescheduled. Call the Commission Office at 554-2666 to confirm meeting dates/times.

The email address for the Health Commission is