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Childhood Lead Prevention Program

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Program Contacts

Karen Cohn, CEHP Program Manager
Desk: (415) 252-3898

Joe Walseth, Childhood Lead Prevention Program Coordinator
Desk: (415) 252-3956

Children’s Environmental Health Promotion Program

The Children's Environmental Health Promotion Program promotes conditions optimal for children's health and development.

Principal Activities and Services

  • Inspect locations where children live and spend time to enforce Health Code requirements for lead hazard prevention.
  • Provide case management support to families of lead-exposed children.
  • Provide home assessment and education to asthma patients, when referred by medical providers.
  • Provide home assessment and education to families enrolled in Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Nutritional Services Program, upon request.
  • Promote healthy neighborhoods, homes, child care and schools so that children can reach their full potential.

Information, Education and Training

Please contact our program staff if you are interested in learning more information or having a customized training for the topics listed below. Most of the topics can be presented in English, Spanish, or Cantonese.

  • Asthma management and prevention
  • Healthy Housing
  • Habitable housing rights and resources
  • Lead exposure prevention
  • Lead health effects
  • Less Toxic Housecleaning
  • Less Toxic Pest Control

Related Agencies and Organizations

Mayor's Office of Housing: Provides grants for lead hazard remediation for multi-unit and single family properties.

Department of Building Inspection (Housing Inspection Services): Enforces lead-safe work practices on pre-1979 structures.