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    July 2014 Topics

  1. Medication Orientation Class at OMI Family Center
  2. Behavioral Health Court and Citywide Forensics' Supported Employment Program featured in SAMHSA Newsletter
  3. Transgender Outreach Project
  4. California Mental Health Director's Association and County Alcohol and Drug Program Administrators Association of California Alcohol Have Merged
  5. TAY Drop-In Center Directory
  6. SB 1045 has been Signed by Governor Brown
  7. San Francisco's Board of Supervisors Approves Laura's Law Offers Option to Family Members Assisted Outpatient Treatment Focused on Specific Small Group Statement by Barbara A. Garcia, Director of Health
  8. Central City Older Adults at 90 Van Ness Lobby Reimagined by First Impressions
  9. San Francisco's Collaborative Court Programs
  10. Community Program Planning best practices for MHSA-funded programs statewide
  11. Trauma Informed Systems Initiative


Download the full July 2014 CBHS Director's Report and Attachment 1, Attachment 2