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Contract Development and Technical Assistance (CDTA)

Policies, Procedures, Forms & Guidelines


Please read and thoroughly review the policies and procedures below prior to completing and submitting the forms to your assigned CDTA Program Manager.


General Information

New Provider Frequently Asked Questions

Contract Change Request Form and Instructions

Contract Terms, Definitions and Procedures for DPH Business Office

Exclusionary Language Instructions

New Providers' Guide to Contracting with DPH

Letter of Support Guidelines and Request Form

Signature Authority Policy and Procedure

Subcontractor/Consultant Requirements Policies and Procedures

Signature Authority Form



Fiscal/Budget Information

DPH Invoice Processing FAQ - (Updated 9-5-2023)

Types of DPH Invoices - (Updated 9-5-2023)

Continuity of Payment - Emergency Disruptions

DPH Contractual Services Invoice Procedures Manual

Fringe Benefit Rate Increase Request Policy & Procedure

Fringe Benefit Rate Increase Request Form

FY23-24 Minimum Compensation Ordinance (MCO) Increase Form - New (Posted 9-11-2023)

Guidelines for Cost Categorization in Nonprofit Contracts & Grants

Indirect Cost Rate CAP Policy

Invoice Acceptance Policy - New (Posted 9-5-2023)

Invoice Variance Request Form





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Contract Development and Technical Assistance (CDTA)

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