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How do I refer my patients to the transgender surgery program?

Mental health providers should refer their patients to their primary care provider. Primary care providers should submit all referrals for transition surgery via eReferral, regardless of patient insurance type. The eReferral Policy Page for Transgender Health Services in LCR lists detailed instructions on submitting the eReferral. If your clinic does NOT have access to LCR, please use this form.

I’m not sure surgery is appropriate for my patient – how can I get an expert opinion?

Use eReferral to submit a request for a consultation. The Transgender Health Services Clinical Lead will assist you with your questions. If your clinic does not have access to the LCR eReferral system, email us for more information.

How do I know if surgery is covered for my patient?

Coverage depends upon what type of insurance your patient has. The Transgender Surgery Access Program coordinates these surgeries for SF residents ages 18 and over, covered by Medi-Cal Managed Care or Healthy San Francisco:


Masculinizing Procedures

Mastectomy w/ chest reconstruction

Hysterectomy / Salpingo-oophrectomy

Vaginectomy / Colpocleisis




Urethral reconstruction

Feminizing Procedures

Mammoplasty (some plans may not cover)






How can I build my skills and knowledge to better serve my transgender patients?

DPH offers a range of training opportunities for providers interested in learning how to better serve their transgender patients. Upcoming trainings are listed here.

How can I help my patient prepare for transition surgery?

Providers are welcome to attend Community Orientations to learn more about the surgery referral process. Also, you can consult the Transgender Health Services eReferral via LCR. Or call us.


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