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AB 75


Service Population


Service Population

The end-users of AB 75 Project services are the uninsured indigent residents of San Francisco who receive health care services either at San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH), at any of six private hospitals currently participating in the CHIP Hospital Program, or from one of the over 1,000 private emergency room and other physicians enrolled in the CHIP Physician Program. 

Some of those below the federal poverty line qualify for publicly-sponsored health insurance, such as Medicare and Medi-Cal, but many others are working poor whose employers do not offer health insurance. It is well-documented that the uninsured population disproportionately use emergency rooms for primary care. In addition, uninsured individuals needing obstetric and pediatric care are often unable to pay for the costs of services rendered.


The AB 75 Project provides services to indigent San Francisco residents through the following programs:

  • CHIP Hospital and Physician Program
    The CHIP Hospital and Physician Program pays for health services to indigents provided by San Francisco hospitals and physicians.
  • CHDP Follow-up Treatment Program
    Those CHDP-screened children who are not Medi-Cal eligible and whose family income is not more than 200% of the federal poverty level, or who are Medi-Cal eligible with a share of cost, are eligible for CHDP Follow-up Treatment Program services.