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CDIP Announcements, Trainings & Opportunities (Time Limited Information):

Community Behavioral Health Services

BHS Quality Management (QM)

Visit the main CBHS webpage for Quality Management files including:

QI Workplan & Evaluation Report

CANS/ANSA Support Documents


CalOMS Reports

Performance Objective Reports

BHS Clinical Documentation Improvement Program (CDIP)

Basic Documentation Tools (created from source documents that include CCR Title 9, MHP Boilerplate Contract, DHCS Audit Protocol):

Interim Procedure for Providers: Emailing Documentation Questions to GHS (November 2018)

Outpatient (Non-Hospital) Comprehensive/Basic Clinical Documentatation Training (updated November 2018)

Outpatient (Non-Hospital) Implementing Improvements in Clinical Documentatation & Documentation Monitoring(December 2017)

Outpatient (Non-Hospital) Creating & Improving Chart Monitoring/Chart Audit Plans for Contracted Agencies (October/November 2018)

Private Provider Network (PPN) Documentation Training (January 2018)

Psychiatric Inpatient Hospital Services Clinical Documentation Training

Outpatient Bundle Services -- Definitions In Slide Format

Outpatient Bundle Services -- Definitions In Checklist Format

Outpatient Bundle Services -- Definitions In Table Format

Assessment Requirements - Slide Format

Assessment Requirements - Table Format

TPOC Requirements - Slide Format

TPOC Requirements - Table Format

Progress Note Requirements - Slide Format

Progress Note Requirements - Table Format

CHBS PIRP Notes - Slide Format

CBHS PIRP Notes - Checklist Format

Clinical Documentation Training Materials (from October/November/December 2016):

SMHS Medical Necessity Training Tool (Updated with EPSDT citation)

Assessment Writing Training Tool (Avatar Prompts)

TPOC Writing Training Tool (Avatar Prompts)

Vignette/Example with TPOC Objectives-Interventions (Case Presentation format)

Documentation Improvement Coaching Plan

Resources for BHS Providers & QM Professionals

BHS Mental Health Medi-Cal Certification Protocol (v8/15/16)

BHS Tip Sheet: SMHS Included Diagnoses still includes Asperger’s and PDD-NOS

Bonus-Navigating DHCS Informational Notice Page

BHQA Professional Development Workshop Series (Summer 2017)

Materials from Workshop #1 (CCR Title 9 and Medical Necessity):

CDIP-BHQA Workshop #1 (Powerpoint)

Minutes from June 2, 2017 Workshop

CDIP copy of CCR Title 9, Chapter 11

SMHS Medical Necessity Training Tool (Updated with EPSDT citation)

Bonus-1995 Article on SF Managed Care

Bonus-Conceptual Analysis of Medical Necessity

Materials from Workshop #2 (Medicaid State Plan and Expanded Service Definitions)

CDIP-BHQA Workshop #2 (PowerPoint)

CDIP copy of CA's State Plan (Section 3)

Definitions of SMHS (Title 9 vs. State Plan) Tool

Bonus-Families USA Issue Brief on Waivers and State Plan Amendments

Materials from Workshop #3 (Mental Health Plan Contract, 2013-2018)

CDIP-BHQA Workshop #3 (Powerpoint)

CDIP copy of Mental Health Plan (MHP) Contract 2013-2018

11x11x11 Tool (11 Elements from Contract for Assessment, Client Plan and Progress Notes)

Materials from Workshop #4 (Short-Doyle Medi-Cal Rehabilitation Option & Targeted Case Management Manual, 1993)

CDIP-BHQA Workshop #4 (Powerpoint)

CDIP's Full Copy of SD/MC Rehab Option & TCM Manual

CDIP's Selected Sections of SD/MC Rehab Option Manual

CDIP's Specific Pages of Manual on Quality Assurance and Utilization Review

Bonus Article-Medicaid's Rehab Option (Kaiser Family Foundation)

Bonus Article-Medicaid's Rehab Option (ILRU Community Living Brief)

Bonus Article-Medicaid's Rehab Option (US HHS, Office of Assistant Secretary for Planning & Evaluation)

Reference Materials-LA County's Community Functioning Evaluation (CfE)

Materials from Workshop #5 (SF Citywide Contract Boilerplate P-600)

CDIP-BHQA Workshop #5 (Powerpoint)

CDIP’s Copy of the P-600 Boilerplate with Appendix A/B Instructions and Forms

CDIP’s Tool for CQI Program Description (Appendix A)

Reference-BOCC’s Declaration of Compliance

Reference-CDTA’s FY16-17 “What’s New” Presentation

Reference-CCSF’s “Cost Allocation Guidelines for NonProfits Doing Business with the City” document

Reference-DPH-CDTA’s Policy “Indirect Cost Rate Increase”

Historical Files (for background, context, learning)

CYF-Clinical Documentation Training PowerPoint (Oct/Nov/Dec 2016)

A/OA-Clinical Documentation Training PowerPoint (Oct/Nov/Dec 2016)

Medical Team-Clinical Documentation Training PowerPoint (Oct/Nov/Dec 2016)

SFDPH-BHS Chart Review Protocol (Revised 9/13/16)

BHS Mental Health Staffing Qualifications for Service & Billing Privileges (Corrected/Updated 9/20/2017)

BHS SMHS Desk Reference (for Basic State Documentation Requirements)

Service/Billing Lockouts Tool (BHS providers; DHCS lockout table)

Outpatient (Non-Hospital) SMHS Documentation Manual (2017 Edition)

Boilerplate Contract (MHP/DHCS; version 2013-2018)

List of "Included Outpatient Mental Health Diagnoses" for SMHS (April 2016/Letter 016)

CYF Level 1 PURQC Resource Document (Policy & Forms)

CYF Level 2 PURQC Resource Document (training, forms, CALOCUS and reports)

A/OA PURQC Level 1 Resource Document