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Program Description

‘Avatar’ is the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system developed by Netsmart, Inc. and used by San Francisco Community Behavioral Health Services (CBHS). Both Civil Service providers and Community Based Organizations enter clinical and service information into Avatar such as assessments, treatment plans, progress notes, and medications. In addition, Avatar captures client health insurance information required to produce claims to Medicare, Medi-Cal and other insurers, and to support managed care functions.

The Avatar User Support webpage is dedicated to providing information to help people use the Avatar system correctly and efficiently. For further assistance, contact the Avatar HelpDesk at (415)255-3788 from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday or via e-mail to

Training Videos

Avatar Help Desk on Vimeo

Training Schedules

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all Avatar training will be conducted remotely until further notice. A link to the training will be sent to all registered attendees the week prior to the scheduled class; please ensure that the attendee's email address is correct and complete when registering.

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Avatar October 2020

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Avatar Account Forms

Updated: Avatar Account Request Form | Instructions

Read Me: MD-App and Credentialing Implementation Notice

Read Me: MD-App PowerPoint Slides

Other Forms

Taxonomy Code Title & Description

Substance Use Disorder Counselor Certification Organizations

Avatar Correction Request Form

Attestation of On-site Training for Certified Avatar Trainers



DHCS MH Outpatient Dx 2016

DHCS SUD Dx 2016

DSM 5 Avatar Presentation

Web Connect

Virtual Token First Time Login Instructions 2019

Webconnect Installation Guide 2019

User Guides

Adult/Older Adult Assessments

AOA MH TPOC Instructions 02-11-16

AOA PURQC User Guide

ASI Input

Avatar Reports Manual 07-18-16

CalOMS Forms and Workflow

CalOMS Correction Procedures

Change Admission Date

CYF TPOC Instructions 07-20-15

Delete or Reassign To Do Item

Edit Service Information

Hidden Gems for Avatar Champions

MH Admission Outpatient Bundle

Performance Objectives Manual 05-26-16

Progress Notes - Group

Progress Notes - Individual

Residential Forms and Workflow

Residential Workflow Diagram

SA Admission OP Bundles

Timely Access User Guide

Transfer Practitioner Caseload and Refresh Caseload

Web Connect Virtual Token Instructions 06-09-16

Workflow for Supervising Clinicians

CANS/PSC-35 Avatar Form Technical Guides

Pediatric Symptoms Checklist PSC35 Technical Guide 2018

CANS MD 0 thru 20 Technical Guide 2018

CANS Screen Technical Guide 2018

CANS CYF 0 thru 5 Assessment Technical Guide 2018

CANS CYF 6 thru 20 Assessment Technical Guide 2018

CANS Forms Overview 2018

Avatar Bulletin New and Retiring CANS

San Francisco Mental Health Plan – Private Practitioner Provider Network

2016 SFMHP PPN Fee Schedule

Billing Documentation

Avatar Billing User Bulletins
  1. Billing Bulletin – Avatar Billing Guidelines
  2. Billing Bulletin – Billing Guidelines
  3. Billing Bulletin – Documentation and Face-to-Face Time
  4. Billing Bulletin – Implementation of HIPAA 5010
  5. Billing Bulletin Medicare-Medi-Cal Issue
  6. Billing Bulletin – CBHS MH and SA Treatment Programs
  7. Billing Bulletin – Narcotic Treatment Programs (NTP) Service Code Change
  8. Billing Bulletin – NTP – New Service Codes in Methadone Maintenance
  9. Billing Bulletin – Outpatient Drug Free Programs Service Code Change
  10. Billing Bulletin – Letter to BHS Providers regarding Medicare Clients
  11. Billing Bulletin - Handling of Patient Payment at OP and Day Treatment Programs
  12. Billing Bulletin - EGI and UMDAP 2019
  13. Billing Bulletin - MH and SUD Programs
  14. Billing Bulletin - Multiple Services on Same Day by Client Report
  15. Billing Bulletin - Possible Duplicate Services by Program Report

Billing Reports Manual

Centralized Financial Eligibility Flowchart
  1. New Client CFE Process Flow
  2. Existing Client CFE Process Flow

ACA Medicaid and Exchange Aid Code List with Pre-ACA Aid Code Crosswalk

Billing Training for Service Errors Correction

BH7019 Manual Claims Adjustment Form

Claim Remedi One-Stop Eligibility Verification Tool

Client Zipcode Update for HIPAA 5010

Clinician Disciplines

Clinician Prefix and Taxonomy Code Instructions

DHCS: MedCCC Library

DHCS: Medi-Cal (DMC) Billing Manual (Rev. 8/20)

DHCS: Medi-Cal (MH) Billing Manual (Rev. 07/20)

DHCS: SDMC – Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C)

DHCS: SDMC Procedure Code Crosswalk (Rev. 05/13)

Episode Guarantor Information Guide

Episode Guarantor Information (EGI) Refresher Training

FAQs for Centralized Financial Eligibility - Part I

FAQs for Centralized Financial Eligibility - Part II

Family Registration Guide

Financial Eligibility Guide

HMO Policy on Eligibility for Behavioral Health Services

Guarantor List

Insurance Phone List

Insurance Questions

Medi-Cal Aid Codes

Medi-Cal Contact Update (MC-354) Form

Medi-Cal Claims Void and Replace Flowchart

Medi-Cal Share of Cost FAQ

Medi-Cal Share of Cost Fact Sheet

Medicare Advance Written Notices of Noncoverage Booklet

Medicare Advanced Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN)

What You Need to Know about ABN

Medicare and Mental Health Benefits

Medicare Handbook (zip,pdf files) 2021 | 2020 | 2019 | 2018 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013

Minor Consent Form (MRD-80)

PFI Due Report Instructions

Place of Service Codes (CMS Updated October 2019)

Service Location Codes

Service & Billing Privilege Matrix

SB 75 Full Scope Medi-Cal for Children

Simplified Payer Source Map

Site Cashiers’ Training Guideline

UMDAP Sliding Fee Scale (Department of Mental Health 1998)

BHS UMDAP Training

UMDAP Patient Fee Schedule (zip,pdf files) 2020 | 2019 | 2018 | 2017 | 2016 | Memo on Uniform Patient Fee Schedule and 2016 Federal Poverty Level Guidelines

OrderConnect Documentation

Avatar User Guide: Health Monitoring

Avatar User Guide: Med List

CBHS Electronic Prescribing Policy

OrderConnect User Guide - Prescribing

OrderConnect User Guide - Tab Functionality

OrderConnect Standard Reports Guide

OrderConnect FAQs

Downtime Procedures and Forms

Loss of Access to Avatar-Backup Plan

Notice of Action (NOA) Letters

Data Collection Forms