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Environmental Health

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Online Payment for Annual Healthy Housing Program Fee

San Francisco Health Code:

Article 1 Section 37

Article 2 Section 92

Article 11 Section 609

Vector Control Rules and Regs (pdf)

SFDPH Fee Schedule

Other Websites

US EPA Mosquito Control

CA Mosquito & Vector Control Association

CA West Nile Brochure (pdf)

US CDC West Nile Website

CA Department of Pesticide Regulation

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    Program Contact

    Luisa Garfil
    Office: (415) 252-3800
    Fax: (415) 252-3930

    Vector Control Program

    The Vector Control Program monitors environmental conditions that can increase risks for vector-borne disease. The program supports public and private pest management programs and enforces vector control laws when needed.


    Principal Activities and Services

    • Monitor conditions that can lead to breeding of pests including garbage accumulation, neglected and overgrown vegetation, and stagnant water.
    • Support the control of mosquito populations in public facilities through safe integrated pest management techniques.
    • Respond to public complaints pest infestation complaints.
    • Provide information and education to individuals and communities to control pests.


    Vector Control Program FAQs


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    Department of Environment









    Making a Complaint

    For complaints about vector control call or visit 311 to have your complaint recorded and routed correctly to Environmental Health. If you are calling from a cell phone or outside the county, dial (415) 701-2311.

    311 City Customer Service Agency - Service 24x7

    San Francisco Department of Public Health Environmental Health Branch