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Environmental Health

Weights & Measures Program

The Weights and Measures Program protects consumer rights by ensuring the accuracy of scales, taximeters, and other measuring devices.


Principal Activities and Services

  • Inspects and tests commercial devices including scales, gasoline pumps, taximeters, liquefied petroleum gas dispensers and electric meters.
  • Investigates public complaints concerning inaccurate computation of price or quantity.
  • Inspects petroleum products for compliance with quality, labeling, and advertising requirements.


Registering a Weighing/Measuring Device or an Electronic Point of Sale Station

Weights and Measures

The Weights and Measures Program registers weighing or measuring devices to ensure consumer protection and rights. To register a device, contact the Environmental Health Weights & Measure program staff. A registration fee will be required. See the Fee Schedule under Helpful Links for more information.

Point of Sale Station

The Weights and Measures Program is responsible for registering and inspecting all point of sale stations. A "point of sale station" is defined as individual or separate equipment that is capable of recovering electronically stored price information that is used to charge consumers for the purchase of commodities. Point of sale registration is governed by the Point of Sale Ordinance which was passed in 2010.




Making a Complaint

If you would like to make a complaint regarding a measuring device or point of sale station, you may call 311 or you may complete and submit the Complaint Form for Weights & Measures (the pdf complaint form can be completed electronically and submitted as an e-mail attachment, faxed, or printed & mailed.

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