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San Francisco Police Code:

Article 29 Noise

Citywide Enforcement Guidance
December 2014

Guidelines for Noise Control Ordinance Monitoring and Enforcement (pdf)

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San Francisco General Plan - Environmental Protection Element

Guidelines for Community Noise Impact Assessment and Mitigation (2011)

EPA Noise Page

Noise Task Force

The Noise Task Force was created by the Board of Supervisors in Section 2918 of the noise control ordinance. Between 2008 and 2011, the Noise Task Force met quarterly to exchange information regarding noise abatement matters including:

  • Motor vehicle noise control,
  • Coordination of complaint response,
  • Animal noise control,
  • Implementation of building codes related to acoustical insulation of new residential construction,
  • Oversight of complaints regarding entertainment noise,
  • Implementation of General Plan Policies related to noise,
  • Environmental review,
  • Maintenance and upgrades to noise control ordinance as needed, and
  • Coordination of noise abatement activities that involve more than one department.

In addition, the Task Force provided consultation services and assistance to the Director of Public Health for the purpose of facilitating coordinated implementation of the duties necessary to oversee and implement the noise control ordinance in a manner that protects the acoustical environment of San Francisco as well as the people from health impacts associated with noise. The voting members of the Task Force were staff in city departments who were assigned noise enforcement responsibilities; non-voting members represented Departments or Agencies whose work or purchases directly impact the acoustical environment of the City. The Noise Task Force reported annually to the Board of Supervisors regarding progress in protecting the noise environment, solving complaints, and necessary enabling legislation required to meet its legislative mandate.

Noise Task Force Board of Supervisors, 2008-2011
  • Tom Rivard, Department of Public Health
  • Scott Oswald, 311
  • Cecilia Mangoba, City Attorney's Office
  • Nancy George, Department of Public Works
  • Michael Jacinto, Planning Department
  • Jocelyn Kane, Entertainment Commission
  • Bill Coggan, San Francisco Police Department
  • Denny Kern, Department of Parks and Recreation