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Family Mosaic Project (FMP)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals of FMP services?
FMP partners with families and communities in San Francisco in order to promote permanency and stabilization for youth at risk of out-of-home placement.  FMP Wraparound and Family Systems Therapy (FST) programs seek to achieve the following goals for youth and families: stabilization of home environments; improved functioning within homes, schools and communities; and improved permanent relationships among family members and identified natural supports.

How can I access services for my children?
Currently, there are three sources of referrals for FMP.  They include the following: Human Services Agency (HSA)- Emergency Response and Child Welfare Workers within the HSA units (the family must have a non-open court case); Juvenile Probation/SF Aim Higher (referrals come directly to the FMP Intake Coordinator); and lastly, Outpatient Clinics (Child Crisis, Foster Care, Southeast, Sunset, Oceanview-Merced-Ingleside Family Center, Mission Family Center and Chinatown Community Development Center). Outpatient Clinic referrals are processed through the weekly and centralized Level Risk 2 Committee for pre-approval before being referred to FMP. 

Do you accept self-referrals?
FMP no longer accepts self-referrals from parents, school officials, or community based agencies.

How long is your program?
FMP will typically work with families for 12-24 months. Termination is the last stage of the Wraparound and FST processes and the termination is begun once the identified treatments goals have been met.  FMP clients are likely referred to lower level of care community based agencies depending on the clients’ individual needs.

Does your plan cover medical services?
No.  The FMP Medi-Cal capitation program covers mental health services only.  There is no change in the way other health services are provided.

Are you a non-profit organization
No.  FMP is a part of San Francisco’s Department of Public Health (DPH) - Children, Youth and Family Services (CYF).

Who are your members?
FMP members are families of clients who are eligible for Medi-Cal, between the ages of 0 – 18 years of age, reside in San Francisco, and are at serious risk of out-of-home placement or a higher level of care.  FMP clients, due to the severity of their mental health symptoms, are not able to be maintained through treatment received at outpatient clinics.

Who are your providers?
Providers at FMP include Care Coordinators, Behavioral Support Clinicians, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists and a Public Health Nurse.  The FMP Director, Medical Director, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Supervisors provide clinical oversight for the FMP Wraparound and FST programs and individual providers. FMP is also supported by an administrative and business department.

Delivery System

Why is your Health Plan not able to meet the time or distance standards outlined in Welfare and Institutions Code (WIC) 14197?
All of our members are San Francisco residents. All of our services are provided within the City and County of San Francisco. Most of our services are provided in the home, school and/or community.

What is the Health Plan’s delivery system? What makes this delivery system different?
Our health plan offers specialty mental health services only. All other Medi-Cal services are paid through fee-for-service. When a member enrolls in our Health Plan, they undergo an assessment which leads to the Treatment Plan of Care. This Plan of Care lists the services provided to the member based on medical necessity. Family Mosaic was one of the pioneers of WRAP services. The difference is that Family Mosaic requires most services (therapy, psychiatry and nursing) to be conducted in the field.