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Childhood Lead Prevention Program

Lead-Contaminated Dust Levels

More protective lead-dust hazard standards for interior floors and interior window sills were announced by U.S. EPA in 2019 and went into effect on January 6 2020.

With this change, San Francisco Department of Public Health is adopting the following levels as both the risk assessment and clearance levels for "lead-contaminated dust" at properties where children might be exposed. These levels encompass the current definition of "lead-contaminated dust" in the federal Toxic Substances Control Act, the California Code of Regulations, and the San Francisco Health Code.


Lead-Contaminated Dust Levels for Risk Assessments and Clearance

Component Lead-Contaminated Dust Threshold (µg/ft2) Statute*
Interior floor ≥10 TSCA
Other interior horizontal surfaces ≥40 SFHC
Exterior Floor ≥400 SFHC: CCR
Other exterior horizontal surfaces ≥400 SFHC; CCR
Interior window sill ≥100 TSCA
Exterior window sill/trough ≥400 TSCA (Clearance Level definition only); CCR

* Statute references in the table are as follows:

TSCA: Toxica Substances Control Act, Section 403

SFHC: San Francisco Health Code Section 1603(t)

CCR: California Code of Regulations, Title 17, Section 35035



Making a Complaint

  1. It is illegal for property owners to allow lead hazards to exist on their property. If you see badly damaged paint on the exterior or interior of a house, please contact the Department of Public Health-Childhood Lead Prevention Program by calling or clicking to enter a service request at 311. Property owners will be required to safely repair any hazards that have been identified.
  2. San Francisco law also requires that work on lead-based paint be done safely. If you see work on the interior or exterior of a building that allows dust and paint chips to spread outside of a work area because it is not properly contained or not properly cleaned up, report it to the Department of Building Inspection-Housing Inspection Services.
  3. Additionally, it is illegal for landlords to harass or evict tenants because they report suspected lead hazards. Contact the Rent Board if such hararssment or retaliation occurs.


Related Agencies

Department of Building Inspection (Housing Inspection Services): Enforces lead-safe work practices on pre-1979 structures.

San Francisco Rent Board: Can provide information and support in cases of landlord-tenant disputes.

311 City Customer Service Agency - Service 24x7

San Francisco Department of Public Health Environmental Health Branch