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Environmental Health

Clean & Green Program

The San Francisco Department of Public Health Clean & Green Program provides free pollution prevention workshops, environmental tools, private consultation, and health education materials to San Francisco businesses and agencies. Exposure to toxic chemicals in the workplace is a major health risk in many of our city's industries while adversely impacting the health of our environment. The Hazardous Materials and Waste Program regulates businesses with hazardous materials onsite. Using practical pollution prevention strategies, the Hazardous Materials and Waste Program's Clean & Green Program helps businesses avoid or reduce the use of toxic chemicals in an effort to decrease health related hazards to workers while promoting environmental health.

Businesses in San Francisco are beginning to understand the value of having a program like this in their community. This free and voluntary program aims to prevent future health problems and accidents involving chemicals in the workplace, and fosters an open level of communication between the San Francisco Department of Public Health and the private business sector. To date we have successfully converted over 50 businesses into thinking "clean & green".

Free Training and Consultation

The Clean and Green Program provides industry specific technical assistance to San Francisco businesses. Training includes multi-agency compliance assistance, tips for preventing workers' exposure to hazardous materials and training tools to help choose less hazardous products or processes. These best management practices often help your bottom line while also lowering your environmental footprint and liability. The Clean and Green Program has provided a series of free workshops for the automotive mechanical repair, automotive collision repair, fleet maintenance and maritime industries of the San Francisco Bay Area. The program also provides assistance to the printing and garment cleaning industries as well as to hotels, high-rises and property management companies.

Your Business Can Be Clean & Green

The program continues to promote best environmental business practices to San Francisco businesses and industries. We are developing industry-specific environmental purchasing guides for businesses in order to help them make better informed chemical decisions.

The SFDPH is also a partner in the San Francisco Green Business Program, a participating county in the Bay Area Green Business Program.

Clean & Green Industry-Specific Checklists

The Clean & Green standards are listed on checklists for each industry type with which we currently work. In order to be recognized as Clean & Green, a business must complete the minimum requirements as described in the checklist. Please click below to download the appropriate checklist for your sector. Please contact Virginia St. Jean at (415) 252-3907 or if you have any questions or when you would like your business to be recognized as a Clean & Green Business.

Downloadable Clean and Green Program Standards for the following industry sectors: