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Environmental Health

Childhood Lead Prevention Program: Home Improvement Store Owners and Operators

Stores that sell home improvement supplies in San Francisco must post a warning sign regarding work that may disturb lead-based paint. Retailers are also required to make information on lead-safe work practices available to customers.

How are San Francisco stores selling home improvement supplies required to inform customers about lead hazard prevention?

    The law (Section 1610.1, Article 26 of the San Francisco Health Code) requires retail supplies to:

    1. Conspicuously post a warning sign on lead hazard prevention provided by the Department of Public Health.

    2. Maintain a supply of pamphlets provided by the Department of Public Health informing customers how they can avoid creating lead hazards associated with painting and home remodeling.

    3. Prominently display and provide these pamphlets to their customers.

    The Department of Public Health's Children Environmental Health Promotion Program prepared and provided this "Warning!" sign, pamphlets and plastic holders to all hardware stores in San Francisco to assist in meeting the legal mandate.The pamphlets must notify purchasers of home improvement products of techniques to lower the risk of lead hazards associated with painting and home remodeling. The store owner or operator must prominently display these pamphlets and provide them upon request to customers or those visiting the store.