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Environmental Health

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City and County of San Francisco
Environmental Health Branch Fees


San Francisco Department of Public Health Environmental Health Branch Fee Schedule is available as a pdf document.

Thumbnail of SFDPH EH Fee Schedule


Our fee sheet will be updated throughout the year when fees for Environmental Health licenses, applications and other services change. Licenses are charged annually. Most EH licenses are billed through the tax collector's office in the first months of each calendar year. For new licenses billed through the tax collector, the fees are prorated depending on the time of year that the new license is issued. Application fees are paid directly to Environmental Health and comprise the cost of reviewing and approving the application for a license. Details of how billing and licensing is done vary by program and may be found in the Health Code, the Business and Tax Code or other relevant laws.

In general:

  • The fees administered are subject to annual review and adjustment to reflect the City's cost increases or decreases, which may include adjustments based upon the Consumer Price Index that most accurately tracks increases and decreases in the City's cost for the function, service, or undertaking that the fee will pay for.
  • When a City ordinance imposes a license fee, it shall be unlawful to do or perform the act or to carry on the business, trade, profession or calling for which City law requires the license without obtaining and maintaining the required license.
  • For license fees billed by the Tax Collector, fees are payable at the Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector. Past due penalties imposed by the Office of Treasurer and Tax Collector are mandatory and City officers and employees may not waive them in whole or in part.
  • Other penalties for nonpayment may apply, including additional fees authorized by other codes or laws and/or permit revocation or suspension.