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Meg Wall, MPH, Acting Director of Program on Health, Equity and Sustainability


Program on Health, Equity and Sustainability (PHES)

The Program on Health, Equity and Sustainability (PHES) in SFDPH’s Environmental Health Branch applies innovative approaches to using health data and evidence to inform safe, sustainable and equitable planning and policy, in collaboration with local communities and government agencies. 

We are an interdisciplinary team of data scientists passionate about using data and evidence to help create a healthy, safe, sustainable and equitable San Francisco.  We do this by analyzing and sharing data and collaborating with city agency partners, community stakeholders, and other entities.  We believe in data-driven, evidence-based decision making that incorporates community concerns and considers community context.  We have a strong track record of developing and implementing high-impact, innovative data tools which have become national best practice models – including the Central Market/Tenderloin Data Portal and

We are rooted in San Francisco's Environmental Health Branch, where we work to help ensure that the data collected by our city’s health inspectors can be harnessed to target high impact interventions to promote health in San Francisco's businesses, homes, and other urban environments – advancing our Branch’s mission to improve environments and protect health. 



Current Initatives:

Community Indicators: PHES produces innovative metrics to inform the development of healthy places, through policy and planning.

Transportation and Health: PHES utilizes data and collaboration to advance a transportation system that protects and promotes public health and equity.

Environmental Health Analytics:  PHES staff are working to address the data and technology needs of Environmental Health regulatory programs, including the transition to a new database system as well as near-term opportunities to increase program efficiency. 

Health Impact Assessment: PHES partners with the SFDPH Office of Policy and Planning to lead health impact assessment work in San Francisco

Community Health Needs Assessment: Every three years, SFDPH staff work to complete a large assessment of available quantitative and qualitative data to support community health planning processes, including Public Health Accreditation, non-profit hospital requirements, and the Health Care Services Master Plan. PHES staff support this process, required of tax-exempt hospitals as a result of Healthcare Reform, by providing data for various environmental and social determinants of health. More information can be found at:

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