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Environmental Health

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San Francisco Health Code:

Article 22B Construction Dust

Article 31 Hunters Point Shipyard

Article 38 Enhanced Ventilation

San Francisco Public Works Code:

Article 21 Construction Dust

California Codes

Title 17 Chapter 1

Related Documents

Article 38 Guidance (pdf)

SFDPH Fee Schedule

SF Air Quality Element

Community Air Risk Evaluation (CARE) Program

Final Report of the Mirant Settlement Funds Indoor Air Project (pdf)

Air Quality, Tobacco & Smoking Programs

The Air Quality Program and the Tobacco & Smoking Program implement local laws related to pollutants in the air, tobacco and tobacco-derived products.



Air Quality, Tobacco & Smoking Program Activities

Article 38

  Protects residents from the effects of living in a poor air quality zone by requiring enhanced ventilation in new and renovated residential buildings.

Environmental Tobacco Smoke Prevention Program

  Protects people from harmful exposure to environmental tobacco smoke

Tobacco Sales Permit Program

  Ensures that all facilities selling tobacco products, including e-cigarettes are permitted and comply with all relevant laws.

Dust Control

  Enforces Article 22B and Article 31 of the San Francisco Health Code to ensure that dust control plans are in place for certain construction projects.

Clean Construction Ordinance

  Collaborates with the Planning Department to inform stakeholders about their responsibilities under the city's Clean Construction Ordinance.

Odors and Fumes

  Although the health department has no relevant enforcement capabilities with respect to odors and fumes, this page describes some external resources to assist with these types of complaints.


Related State Agencies


Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) -- The Air District regulates outdoor air quality, including air emissions from industrial plants, factories, refineries, odor dust or chemical air pollutants from neighborhood businesses, smoke from wood and related solid fuels, smoking vehicles, or excessive exhaust from cars, trucks or buses. The Air District may require a permit for coffee roasters, charbroilers, and smokehouses.

California Air Resources Board (CARB) is a part of the California Environmental Protection Agency. The mission of CARB is to promote and protect public health, welfare and ecological resources through the effective and efficient reduction of air pollutants while recognizing and considering the effects on the economy of the state.



  Complaints about outdoor air quality should be made to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

  Complaints about emissions from diesel truck idling should be reported to the San Francisco Police Department.

  For concerns about odors or fumes, please refer to the guide to the many different agencies that handle complaints about odors and fumes.

  For complaints about air quality issues not covered by the above categories, call or visit 311, or visit our complaint page.