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Program Contact

Office: (415) 252-3800
Fax: (415) 252-3842

Advisory: A non-refundable fee at the current hourly rate as indicated on the fee schedule will be initially charged for the specialized processes review upon submission. The initial fee covers the cost of one-hour document review and assessment. Additional time incurred will be charged the current hourly rate accordingly wherein the final balance must be paid prior to the release of the disposition. A disposition shall be provided within 20 working days. Please ensure a complete submission of documents to avoid review/processing delays.

Specialized Food Processing

The Environmental Health Branch provides oversight to ensure the safe preparation of food prepared using specialized processing methods such as sous vide and cook chill.


* See HACCP guidelines for approved methods of reduced oxygen packaging


* Fish MAY NOT be vacuum packaged for storage without a Variance approval from California Department of Public Health



Making a Complaint

If you would like to make a complaint regarding a specialized food processor, you may call or visit 311.

311 City Customer Service Agency - Service 24x7

San Francisco Department of Public Health Environmental Health Branch