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Environmental Health

Base Station Research

Making sense of the research

The World Health Organization estimates that over the last 30 years about 25,000 different research studies have been done on the potential for health effects of electromagnetic radiation. This large body of literature contains studies of varying quality and conflicting results. Attempting to review this amount of research and draw conclusions can be a complicated and daunting task. This is especially true when not all research is of the same quality. Some of the common errors found in this type of research have been summarized by the British Medical Journal.


In general, when evaluating this amount of research it is best to understand the biases that might be introduced into studies. Many governmental and non-governmental agencies have done objective reviews of the entire body of research to distinguish the well done studies from those that are biased or of poor methodological design. These types of reviews can be helpful to draw conclusions based on the entire body of evidence.


SFDPH has summarized Ongoing Research studies, Studies and Reviews of the literature and evidence, and Research Agency statements and fact sheets.