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San Francisco Health Network

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Our Programs

Community Health Equity and Promotion

Newcomers Health Program 

The Newcomers Health Program is a clinic and community-based health program with the mission to promote the health and well-being of refugees, asylees and immigrants throughout San Francisco.
Our staff collaborates with health centers, community-based organizations and public health programs to respond to the health and social needs of refugee and immigrant communities.

Newcomers Health Program is a program of the San Francisco Department of Public Health implemented in collaboration with the International Institute of the Bay Area, and Family Health Center’s Refugee Medical Clinic. Through these and other collaborations, and a range of clinic- and community-based programs and services, we promote the health and well-being of refugees and immigrants in San Francisco.

Newcomers Health Program Brochure

Our Programs and Services

Clinic-based services are designed to increase access to health services and include:
  • Comprehensive Health Assessments
  • Primary Health Care Support & Referrals
  • Clinical Patient Education
  • Medical & Mental Health Interpretation
  • Referrals & Support for "Green Card" Medical Requirements (for Adjustment of Status for permanent residence)
Community-based activities aim to educate, enhance collaboration, and build capacity for improved health and well-being, and include:
  • Referrals to community partners, services and groups
  • Health Education Workshops & Trainings
  • Community Education Campaigns
  • Community Assessments

Communities We Work With

Since the late 1970s, it is estimated that 50,000 documented refugees and asylees have resettled in San Francisco and been provided health assessments through our program. During the 1990’s, the number of refugees resettling in San Francisco declined. Since then there has been an increase in asylees and certified victims of human trafficking who also qualify for refugee services and benefits and receive services from Newcomers Health Program. In recent years, we have served approximately 200-250 refugees and asylees per year upon their arrival in San Francisco by providing services including benefits outreach, comprehensive health and mental health assessments, medical interpretation, health education, and linkages to community resources. Currently we provide services to new arrivals from over 40 different countries, including; China, Nepal, various countries of Latin America, Mongolia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Thailand (Burmese refugees), and republics of the former Soviet Union.

Through our community-based services, Newcomers Health Program works with newcomers regardless of their immigration status. The focus of these services is to implement programs that help build a community's capacity to advocate for improved health and overall well-being. Community health education, community organizing programs, general outreach, and information sharing services are provided independently and through collaborations with various community-based organizations, SF-CAIRS, refugee resettlement agencies and other county programs.