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Gender Health SF Digital Stories


Stories are powerful and deeply part of who we are and out life experiences. When we center the stories and experiences of transgender, nonbinary, and gender-diverse people, we open spaces and opportunities for building community, trust, knowledge, healing, and shifting culture.

In partnership with the Story Center, Gender Health SF launched two (English and Spanish) 3-day digital story workshops reflecting the program’s vibrant community of voices. Each participant provides a testament to their individual trans experience with social and/or medical transition and accessing gender-affirming care. The collection of digital stories provides an opportunity for participants to reflect and reclaim their past and to reimagine and shift the future grounded through vulnerability, strength, hope, healing, and resilience.

Participant Stories (Videos) 

The collection of trans Latine digital stories explores the lives, experiences, and resilience of Latine transgender people at the intersections of being trans and Latine. These powerful stories call attention to our commitment in reclaiming and sharing Latine community narratives and experiences.

Participant Stories (Videos) 





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