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San Francisco Health Network

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Our Programs

Mental Health Services Act (MHSA)


Vocational Services

MHSA funding for vocational services assists consumers and family members in securing and maintaining meaningful employment. These vocational programs and services includes vocational skill development and training, career/situational assessments, vocational planning and counseling, service coordination, direct job placement, ongoing job coaching, and job retention services.

Lead Agency



SF Department of Public Health


Department of Rehabilitation’s Vocational Co-op


This is a collaborative project with RAMS, UCSF Citywide, Caminar, OTTP and Toolworks which provides vocational intake assessments, vocational training, sheltered workshops and other employment opportunities (e.g., job development and placement, job coaching).

Richmond Area Multi-Services (RAMS)

i-Ability Vocational IT Program

Prepares consumers to provide information technology (IT) support services (i.e., desktop, help desk, and advanced services) at the BHS IT Department through its Vocational Information Technology Training Program.


UCSF Citywide
INN Funded


First Impressions

Offers vocational training in basic construction and remodeling skills, such as painting and patching walls, ceilings, and doors; changing/applying window dressings; installing and disposing of furniture and accessories; building furniture; cleaning and repairing flooring; and hanging décor.

API Wellness

AAIMS Project

This program provides nutrition, exercise, and health education and training, educating participants on the connection between diet and health. It provides healthy cooking and exercise classes, information on shopping for healthy food based on local availability with the goal of social connectedness.

SF Department of Public Health

SF First Vocational Project

Offers consumers a weekly stipend position to learn skills necessary for securing successful employment. Traditionally, these program participants are consumers in the SF FIRST Full Service Partnership (FSP) program who face additional difficulties engaging and remaining engaged in behavioral health services.

Baker Places

Assisted Independent Living Vocational Program 

This project supports consumer employees in building skills related to clerical/administrative support and mail distribution. This supported employment project is located on-site at Baker Places and provides training, supervision and advanced support to a team of consumers with an emphasis on professional development.

Richmond Area Multi-Services (RAMS)

Clerical and Mailroom Program

MHSA supplements funding for this program, which provides clerical/administrative and mailroom vocational training to behavioral health consumers.

Richmond Area Multi-Services (RAMS)

Janitorial Services

MHSA supplements funding for this program, which provides janitorial and custodial vocational training to behavioral health consumers.

UCSF Citywide

Café and Catering Services

MHSA supplements funding for this program, which provides café, barista, catering and customer service vocational training to behavioral health consumers.

UCSF Citywide

GROWTH (Growing Recovery and Opportunities for Work through Horticulture)

This landscaping and horticultural vocational program assists mental health consumers in learning marketable skills through on-the-job training and mentoring to secure competitive employment in the community.

Richmond Area Multi-Services (RAMS)

Transitional Age Youth Vocational Program

This vocational program offers training and pad work opportunities to TAY with various vocational interests.